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Food in France

The French don't eat to live, they live to eat. Yet in spite of their interest and love of food and wine, most French people have little trouble with obesity. The secret is moderation, balanced meals and small helpings of many different things.

French meals - Un repas de fête en France.
The art of "savoir-manger", a typical French meal and "la politesse".

Regional dishes - La gastronomie régionale.
Some special regional dishes from different parts of France.

How to be a welcome guest in France - L'hospitalité française.
The pitfalls of being invited out to dine; and how to be the perfect guest.

Awful French Food - On mange tout en France:
Some seriously weird French food

NewLes Français - Champions du fromage!
Find out lots about a country that has more different types of cheese than there are days in a year!

cuisse de grenouilles

Bon appétit!Des cuisses de grenouilles!
Miam miam!


Non! Pas moi! J'ai des cuisses maigrichonnes!


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