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U3A French

Famous French People

19th Century France Baron Haussmann, the Moulin Rouge, Franco-Prussian War and lots more

Queensland and Australia Did you know that Australia was nearly a French colony twice?

Les Chiens en France The French love their dogs!

La gastronomie
all about French Food, meals, specialities

La dame à la licorne Powerpoint presentation.

Châteaux - Chambord and Chenonceaux, how they were built, and life in a château

The spirit of the Anzacs Villers Bretonneux, and World War I

New Caledonia Its history, geography, things to do and see.

La Pâtisserie Yummy cakes!

L'insolite Unusual/Interesting French facts

Le Régime de Vichy
Marshall Pétain and World War II

La grande arche de la défense.
The CBD area of Paris.

Les Français - les champions du fromage!
Find out lots about French cheese

Le Louvre -
the biggest museum in the world!

Useful Stuff

Typing French accents
French accents for Laptops/ Notebooks

The Subjunctive Mood

Grammar - Lots of useful practice for essential grammar skills.

French Statistics (link)



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I'm Patricia Barry from Australia.

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A Francophile is a lover of all things French. This site is a set of files about France, its culture and its language. Hopefully, you'll get to be a Francophile through using the Francofiles!

Find out about the creation of the Moulin Rouge in the 19th Century France files!

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