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Les Français - les champions du fromage!

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Pissaladière is a French version of pizza, beleived to have been brought to Provence by the Romans two thousand years ago!


France has more different types of cheese than there are days in the year?


Steak and chips is often regarded as the national lunch in France!



Bread is eaten at every meal in France. To find out more about bread, click here.



Saviez-vous ?  Qu’il existe plus de 80 types de baguettes en France ?!

Did you know that there were more than 80 different types of baguette in France?

La moitie de la population française achète une baguette tous les jours - on vend dix millions de baguettes en France chaque jour. 

50% of French people buy a baguette on a daily basis - 10 million are sold in France every day!


N’oublie pas que les boulangers sont obligés de vendre leur pain à un prix fixe.

Remember that French bakers have to sell their bread at a price determined by law.




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