These pages will tell you a little about French people and their favourite animal.

The French and their dogs | Les Français et leurs chiens (version française)
Find out about the favourite pets in France, especially "Man's best friend."

Doggie problems | Toutou et ses petits problèmes
Unfortunately, Toutou causes a few problems on the footpaths and for the postmen!

Top ten dogs by IQ | Les top ten des chiens les plus intelligents
Which are the most intelligent dogs?

Slideshow: Dogs in town | Les chiens en ville
Dogs are treated like people, find out how from these slideshows!

Dog vocabulary |Un lexique canin
A few words to help you write and speak about doggy things.

Slideshow: How smart is your dog? | Déterminer le QI de ton chien
How do you know if your dog is really smart? Here are some ways to find out!


French people love their dogs, in fact they love them as much, if not more, than their children.



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