The 19th century was a period of great change in France.

These slide shows cover this exciting century.

The 19th century.
An overview of the main trends and ideas in France .

Revolutions in 19th century France
Yes! There were lots of Revolutions in this century too! Find out what they were all about.

Baron Haussmann
Haussmann, the architect and creator of the "City of Light" let nothing stand in his way as he gave 19th century Paris "un lifting".

The café concerts
About the Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergères and the people who worked there.

The Franco-Prussian War - 1870 NEW
Did you know this was the first aerial war? Find out about the Siege of Paris and the results of this war.

Paris Expo of 1889
The changes this brought to the infrastructure and lifestyle of Paris and the creation of the Eiffel Tower

The Dreyfus Affair
The arrest and subsequent trial of the Jewish army officer, Captain Dreyfus, for espionnage, rocked establishment France and consolidated the power of the media.

Questions worksheet
Set of worksheets in French related to each of the above themes.

Les tendances du 19e siècle Worksheet.
The main ideas and political movements of the 19th Century.

Bar girl

The Folies Bergères is still one of the best known cabarets, or café concerts, in Paris. Renoir painted one of the bar girls.

Pics of 19th Century France


What made this era so special?

Try the ABC of Paris to find out about the city from A to Z!

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