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Willys MB Truck 1/4 Ton 4 x 4

Paul Barry, Brisbane Queensland Australia

My two Jeeps side by side, whilst there are many similarities, and are many differences also. The general look is the same, such as the distinctive grill and square design. This internet site is about Jeeps, more particurly my Jeeps.

In the links (pages) below you will find alot of useful information about my Jeeps which you are free to use. If I have generated the information I am happy for you to use it, as long as you reference it to me. However some of the information was not created by me and will be referenced to someone else. If so, please obtain thier permission before distributing or publishing it.

Please feel free to link to my home page, if you want me to link to you, just contact me

Pictured left, are my JK Wrangler Unlimited, and my Willys Model MB.

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