La grande arche de la défense.

grande arche de la defense

This modern area of Paris got its name from the fierce defensive resistance that the Parisians put up here against the Prussians during the Franco-Prussian war in 1870. 

monument by Barrias In 1878 a competition was organised for a monument dedicated to the defence of Paris by Parisians against the Prussians in 1870. This sculpture by Barrias won the prize. It represents the City of Paris, with an armed young man, and a young woman. This artwork was placed in the centre of the district to commemorate the heroism of the people who lived in this district.

It was opened in 1989 and was designed by a Dane.    You can access the roof (for a price) at 110m height, using the panoramic lifts.

Lift The glass lift ascends outside the Arche.

People are always fascinated by the sculpture of the thumb. It is a sculpture by Cesar Baldacinni, originally created in 1965 for an exhibition themed on "The Hand". The original was only 40 cm high! Invited to create a work of art for this business centre, Cesar decided to "resize" the thumb! Now it measures 12 metres in height and weighs more than 18 tonnes.

transport interchange La Défense is also a big “correspondence” on the RER, metro and SNCF railway systems, with a multi-level station. 

There is also a big shopping centre, called “Quatre Temps” with a hypermarket and a huge range of shops. The whole area celebrates the great diversity and beauty of modern architecture.

paribas The Bank of Paris - Paribas.
parvis - modern buildings More modern buildings.

The CBD of Paris

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