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Towns in France

A snapshot of some of the main towns of France:

Towns in France 1 : Angoulème - Carcassonne
Towns in France 2 : Carnac - Lourdes
Towns in France 3 : Lyon -Toulouse

More detailed information

Antibes: A city for 4000 years!new

Béziers: Site of a terrible medieval massacrenew

Le Canal du Midi: the masterpiece of one man, Pierre Paul Riquet.new

Châtillon sur Chalaronne: A cute village near Lyonnew

Le Puy en Velay: Site for pilgrims on volcanic plugs!new

All about Lyon :
A set of slide shows in English and French about this unique World Heritage city

Montpellier: has the youngest population in France and the oldest School of Medicine in Europe!new

Nîmes: Roman city, amphitheatre and much more new

Pérouges: Medieval village near Lyonnew

Pézenas: Interesting town in Languedocnew

Sète: Second Mediterranean port of France, in Languedocnew

St Etienne -
a town in central France in the Massif Central.

Biggest ten cities in France
A little about the biggest cities in France and their population.

Top towns, weird and wonderful facts about French towns,
funny town names, inhabitants, why they choose to live where they do....


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Find out about what to see in a variety of towns and how French towns are different from Australian ones.


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